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When you are suffering from an unexpected pain or injury, or want better health through natural health care we are the provider you are looking for. Our professional team is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of conditions from headaches, neck pains, back pains to nutritional counseling. 

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide.  We would like to be able to put that dedication to work for you, call today for your appointment. 


The type of care Dr. Dearmont provides is call a spinal manipulation or an adjustment. This is a gentle hands on method of restoring motion to the areas of the spine that is not working correctly. Spinal adjustments are a safe and effective treatment for newborns to people 90+ years old. This is why people of all ages get treated with Chiropractic Care. 


Our team uses physical therapy modalities like ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, intersegmental traction and Cryo & heat therapies to help the muscles & ligaments heal correctly. Structural taping is also used to stabilize areas of weakness.  These treatments feel good and really help.


Chiropractic care is an important part of the health care field but when a condition needs additional evaluation, Dr. Dearmont refers patients to other medical providers for their help.


Dr. Dearmont's sister was a medical doctor and he works great with other providers. Good health is our goal for all our patients and we would like you to be part of our Chiropractic family.


Dr. Dearmont uses Static sEMG (surface electromyography) to measure electrical activity of the paraspinal muscles while weight bearing. It effectively provides a quantifiable means of showing our patients what the doctor feels with his hands. Simply put, it is an electronic form of palpation. The device effectively and scientifically measures the muscular response to spinal subluxation. The ScanVision can be performed in less than two minutes and is completely safe for young children. The test is a painless non-invasive method of evaluating spinal health utilizing the well established EKG technology. 

Spinal Abnormal Scan
Spinal Scan

The fuel that our bodies use to maintain good health is the nutrients in our foods and water we drink.  We can help a person make better food choices to improve their health along with nutritional supplementation.


Knowledge is power and understanding that you have the tools to improve your health is very empowering. 


X-rays are used to see the bones and joints.  We can determine if scoliosis is present and how your structure affects the motion of the joints. On x-ray you can see if the joints are healthy or if there are fractures, degeneration or Osteoarthritis is present. X-rays show the "blueprint" of the structure and the presence of any underlying decay & pathology. 


Muscle stabilize the joints but their main job is to move the bones of the body. Muscle spasm along with fibrous changes in the muscles can cause joint dysfunction. Massage therapy is an important tool in helping the muscles regain the ability to work correctly. 


Dr. Dearmont uses trigger point therapy to treat this tissue dysfunction and we also use massage therapist to do this type of rehabilitation.


Dr. Dearmont is available for company health fairs and educational seminars.  He believes through education people can reduce their risk factors and make better choices to improve their health . Contact our office for more information. 

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